Global OTC

Benefits of the Global OTC Platform

Global OTC is an Alternative Trading System (ATS) providing an electronic platform for trading Over-the-Counter (OTC) Equity Securities. Global OTC, the longest-serving ATS within the OTCBB market, offers fast, fair and efficient executions. The Global OTC philosophy is simple: offer best-price executions based on speed and transparency within the OTC Equity Securities marketplace.

Our subscriber’s orders are electronically handled for execution at prices equal to or better than the National Best Bid or Offer (NBBO) for each security. All market orders or marketable limit orders are executed based on best-price methodology. Your order will either instantly execute against the Global OTC electronic limit order file at prices equal to or better than the NBBO, or they will enter into the Global OTC routing process to obtain the NBBO.

All orders accepted into the ATS are ranked in the Global OTC book on a strict price-time priority basis and displayed in accordance with the Subscriber's instructions. Reserve orders (i.e., instruction on a limit order to replenish the displayed quantity upon execution) are re-ranked in price-time priority upon replenishment. Peg orders (i.e., orders that are pegged to the bid or offer) will be re-ranked in price-time priority upon a change to such bid or offer.

Benefits of the Global OTC Platform Include:

  • A structure that incorporates limit and market order protection, limit order display and NBBO price protection
  • Access to market participants via a sophisticated routing system
  • Innovative order types
  • Principals consistent with the ‘Manning Rule” and exemptions afforded to continuously quoted securities
  • Availability of full, transparent display of your customer’s orders

Customer Support

For Global OTC Trading Support:
Email: [email protected]

For General Information and Support:
Phone: 1-212-896-2830 Option 1; 3
Email: [email protected]

For Market Data Support:
Email: [email protected]