Global OTC


The Global OTC philosophy is simple:
Offer best-price executions based on speed and transparency within the OTC Equity Securities marketplace.

Benefits of the Global OTC Platform

Discover why the Global OTC platform offers compelling benefits such as access to market participants via a sophisticated routing system and innovative order types.


Order Processing

Global OTC maintains an electronic file to display and match orders, which are handled using three processes.

Order Types

Global OTC subscribers may enter a variety of Order Types. All OTC orders are displayed and executed on price/time priority.

Trading Fees

Posted orders that add liquidity to the Global OTC book carry no execution costs, and all other orders are competitively priced.


Broker-dealers must complete agreements to trade on Global OTC.

More Information

Global OTC Eligible Securities

Global OTC is available to trade CNS-eligible OTC equity securities.

Connecting to Global OTC

Connect directly to the Global OTC trading market through the Global OTC FIX Gateway using your existing trading system or third-party vendor.

Global OTC UGW FIX Gateway

Customer Support

For Global OTC Trading Support:

For General Information and Support:
Phone: 1-212-896-2830 Option 1; 3